You’ve all read Mera has to give up Midsomer, either selling it or letting the grid gods take it back to wherever dead sims go. Now, Midsomer is my home, I love it and I can’t even imagine InWorldz without it so something had to be done. Mera and I have tried to talk Lady S. into taking over but of course she needed some time to think about it.

On Wednesday, Lady threw a party on her beautiful nude beach on Sweet Dreamz. Last time I danced in a bikini and I had planned on doing that again. But! As the hour grew later, the crowd was thinning and I kept thinking of Midsomer, I decided I had to do something to make it a little easier for Lady to decide for the sim. She had been pestering me about taking off the skimpy bikini and finally I gave in.

I stripped for Midsomer.

I wouldn’t do this for any other sim (okay, I would for Atlantis but it only takes a Horned One to  make me strip there *eyedart*). It was fun though. Naked angels dancing on the beach.

Angel Sandwich, Public Nude Beach @ Sweet Dreamz

nekkid angels

So, Lady is the new owner of Midsomer and I’m the manager!


A bit more than a year ago I created an account on os-grid, logged in once, tried to go places but it didn’t work (actually, I didn’t know how to, it’s a bit…different), logged out again and left it at that.

For a while now Mera has been pestering asking me to visit her place on os-grid so a few days ago I finally did it. This time I had landmarks and could TP, Mera took me to different places where I could get free things to de-ruth.

We wanted to check out Aurora grid but with my older version of Imprudence hypergrid jumping was not possible. So yesterday I downloaded the latest experimental release and logged in to os-grid again. Before we would try to get to Aurora grid, Mera showed me her private sim. A part of it was decorated by her daughter and I have to say I do like her style. I am a child at heart. Which is basically a good thing because once you lose contact to your inner child you are getting old.

I took pictures!

Leanna on os-grid. Nice to be a newbie again, duck walk included. Quack.

part of Mera's sim, decorated by her daughter

Mera's beach hut. I love that it's purple!

Mera's beach hut

Apart from the beach hut, Mera also has a slightly bigger house, lots of animals and stables.

Mera's house on os-grid

the stable

I felt right at home :D

A little later Fudge logged in and showed me her sim. Fudge is great at landscaping. If you haven’t already, you should visit her garden on Midsomer County in InWorldz.

beautifully landscaped sim

Look! Dolphins!

While exploring her sim, Fudge kindly informed me that to her I was a cloud. A pink cloud. Pink! Shock and horror. I can live with being a white cloud but pink? Of all colours?

Leanna being a pink (!) cloud, as seen by Fudge.

She sent me a folder called “cloud fix”, supposed to fix your avatar. After taking everything off and replacing my skin and shape with the cloud fix, I turned into a red…thing, probably Martian.

visitor from Mars

Mera and Fudge then sent me some freebie clothes, I slipped back into my human (?) skin and shape and got dressed. I thought. Fudge insisted I was naked and to Mera I was bottomless. She sent me a picture:

no comment

To myself, however, I looked perfectly normal. Dressed. The baldie in the pic is Kate. She likes to take off her hair to reduce lag. Or so she says. Maybe she just likes a cool breeze on her scalp.

See? I am dressed!

I don’t know what viewers the other girls were using but apparently they downloaded it from a rather naughty site. Busted!

Yes, I am still alive and well. And happy to be on wordpress after all, even though it just ate my entire post. But I’m persistent and write it again.

The last few weeks I’ve been too busy to update my blog. You don’t need to know that I have about 12 unfinished posts sitting in my drafts folder or that playing with prims is just a pathetic excuse for my poor writing skills and inability to find the right words. Hear me sigh.

However, I decided to show you one or two of Inworldz’ talented creators so prepare yourself for a massive wall of snapshots.

A few days ago I asked John Mahogany (Shenandoah Wildlife and Fisheries) to make an Indian elephant for Bradd’s sim Atlantis [ ]. Last night he sent me the finished animals, a grown Indian elephant and a baby elephant. They are so beautiful I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Here’s a tiger and like all of John’s animals it looks so real it almost scares you.

I am in awe of John’s talent.

There’s another shop that I keep raving about all the time – The Vintage Fairy Shop (or Shoppe? I’m bad with names *eyedart*). Anyway, Elwing Qendra is the talented creator. If you visit her shop you will feel as if you just stepped into a magical land where elves and fairies are real and you sit down to have a chat with the animals. To me, her creations are synonymous with harmony and the magic that is nature.

The next picture shows a part of my second parcel on Midsomer. I bought it a while ago when my former neighbour left because I needed a bigger garden to play with. And while I try to decide on the style it is a random collection of beautiful things, trees and flowers.

Next picture: Incantation Monoliths from the Vintage Fairy Shop (pe). They come in a set of four, one for each direction and with poses so you can summon the elements. The bubble you see on the snapshot is a fae dance bubble, also made by Elwing Qendra.

The next one is one of my favourite items, a “Wise Green Man” that shares its wisdom with you if you step close enough.

When a faelf is tired she needs to rest in style. The Vintage Fairy Shop(pe) has a mushroom with a fae sleep pose:

Sadly, a blog post can only do so much and I can’t show you the lovely sounds Miso Susanowa creates, all of them recorded by herself. Ocean sounds, bird songs, crickets chirping are what makes a virtual garden come alive. You should visit her Garden of Sound and experience her art, both visually and acoustically.

Here’s one of her singing flowers:

This is just a tiny part of all the amazing talent we have in InWorldz so there will be more posts like this.


A while ago I decided to change the name of my inworld store into Phoenix Creations. It’s a lot less limiting and allows me to display and sell all kinds of fantasy items and whatever tickles my fancy. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be making antiques anymore. I will because I love antiques.
Changing the name of my store meant that I needed a new logo but try as I might I didn’t like the ideas I came up with so I kept procrastinating. Then I read a discussion about logos and saw the awesome logos Southie Allen (Absurdly Newfangled Designs) had made. I emailed Southie, told her what I like and what I don’t like and today I had a shiny new logo in my inbox.


Isn’t it beautiful?! I love it so much I want to hug and have a drink with it. And you know what the best thing is about deciding to rename my store? It really got the creative juices flowing.

An amazing charity event starts on June 1 on the Isle of Alchemy. I’ll just copy and paste from the official notecard so I don’t mess things up.

“Greetings Ladies and Gents,
There’s very few of us that haven’t watched or heard about the earthquakes in Japan or the post disaster efforts by numerous organizations and volunteers. I’d like to cordially invite you to take even a small part in a charity we’re organizing in Inworldz for Second Harvest Japan (or 2HJ).

What is Second Harvest Japan?
Second Harvest Japan is a charity that collects and distributes food and supplies to Japanese families in need. When the disaster occured, they quickly turned into an emergency response group. Currently donations are for both disaster relief and regular organizational activities. Please keep in mind your donation will be directed to where it is most needed.

Second Havest Japan: Emergency Response Portal

Second Harvest Japan Releases Disaster Relief Plan

Currently, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) is using all of its personnel power to work on the disaster relief activity for the people in Tohoku area affected by the Pacific earthquake. Here are what we are working on now: 1) establishing the network to recruit all kinds of items we need; 2) establishing safe and secure routes to deliver needed items to the disaster victims; 3) collecting information about what exactly the disaster victims need. With your support, we will engage in the emergency disaster relief and the reconstruction assistance that will follow the emergency action.

What’s the event?

An entire month long event of fun, community, and the spirit of giving at the Alchemy County Fair! Located on the recently renovated Isle of Alchemy. Train rides, live shows, djs, carny rides, games, funhouse, photo ops, events, and LOADS of items generously donated by the Inworldz community! Explore by yourself, meet some friends, bring your own, or bring a date!

Is this legit?
We’ve been very fortunate to have Virtual Helping Hands take part in this event. They’re a cross grid charity for helping people with disabilities in virtual worlds and a worthy charity in their own right. They have submitted both paperwork and a charity avatar to Inworldz LLC. All donations will go through this avatar and proper documentation will be provided.

How can we help?
Glad you asked! We need you! We need performers, djs, bloggers, tweeters, merchants, builders, scripters, every friggin body! Have an odd object that doesn’t fit in your store? Consider selling it for a month for charity! Want to throw a party? Consider throwing it for charity! Write blogs, tell your friends, tweet it. We’re open for a month starting June 1st and ending July 1st (maybe longer). Contact us, let us know. 100% of all tips, sales, proceeds are to go to charity. It’s for a very good cause, please consider helping.

Second Harvest Japan
Second Harvest Japan: Emergency Response Portal
Second Harvest Japan Disaster Relief Report
Virtual Helping Hands

Johnny Night
Cryptic Quandry
Saxet Uralia
Charles Mountain

If you would like to help, either post a response here or contact myself. If you do not wish to register here, I will attempt to relay. It is very important to read at least as we’re attempting to keep all relevant information in one place. Thank you for your time. “

If you have a shop or own land you should grab a board and put it up for your visitors and customers.

I  built something that will be released on the Alchemy County Fair. I’ll eventually sell it in my shop, too, but the first sales will be for charity only.
I’m not going to tell you what it is, it’s not even completely finished yet, I had to add some decoration here and there but OMG it was SO much fun :D
So I hope to see you at the Alchemy County Fair!

Let me begin with stressing that nothing is my fault and I am perfectly innocent. It’s either Mera or that horrible person called Vesper getting me into situations that make me look like a kinky pixie. And I’m neither. But it’s okay, I’ll send PETOF (people for the ethical treatment of fey, courtesy of Miso Susanowa) after him, they’ll sort him out.
You might have read Mera’s blog here. Let me enlighten you as to what really happened.
At first it was all fun and games

[2011/04/07 10:52] Leanna Caerndow: look at Vespers leg brilliant
[2011/04/07 10:52] Vesper Kling: hahah
[2011/04/07 10:52] Leanna Caerndow: oh gosh did you just see that
[2011/04/07 10:52] Vesper Kling: its a male thingie =)
Look at the pic. Vesper is gay but so deep in the closet he’s got to be in Narnia by now.

[2011/04/07 10:58] Vesper Kling whispers: LOL
[2011/04/07 10:58] Leanna Caerndow: whoa!!!
[2011/04/07 10:58] Vesper Kling: *S*
[2011/04/07 10:58] Vesper Kling:P

He even farted at me :(
[2011/04/07 10:56] Leanna Caerndow: D:
[2011/04/07 10:56] Vesper Kling: =))
[2011/04/07 10:56] Leanna Caerndow: hahahahaha
[2011/04/07 10:57] Leanna Caerndow: :'(

But eventually he found out how to treat a fae:
[2011/04/07 10:59] Vesper Kling: please be a nice Pixie!!! =O
[2011/04/07 10:59] Leanna Caerndow: that is right!
[2011/04/07 10:59] Vesper Kling: =))
[2011/04/07 10:59] Leanna Caerndow: I liked this!! XD

Except that he still doesn’t get that I’m not a pixie. Oh well.
But now you know what really happened and how badly Vesper treats me :(