A Playground On OSGrid?

At the end of last year I got myself a sim on OSgrid.
The offer sounded too good to be true but hey…5.95 US$?! I gave it a go and a day later I had my sim!
A huge, quiet, remote playground. Or a test lab where nobody can see the mess you’re creating.
Don’t get me wrong, I love InWorldz. Their own IW viewer is the one that works best for me – no crashes, no lag. The only thing that disturbs me is that I can’t drop out of group chat. Even if I uncheck the “join group chat” box, it will still scroll across the lower left half of my screen. For people who can easily focus and have the ability to just ignore things, this isn’t a problem. But me, I’m too easily distracted. I’ve been struggling to focus lately even though I have so many things in my head that I want to build.
So a sim on a grid where I know only a handful of people is the perfect solution. When I get the urge to build or be alone (and I can be quite the shrewd loner) I log in to my OSgrid sim and enjoy the silence.


Now you can’t compare OSgrid to InWorldz. The latter rocks, no matter what. But if you just want to be alone and play with a whole sim, practice terraforming, need quietude to work on a project then this is for you. Another solution is to have your own sim-on-a-stick . If you’re patient enough, have the technical know-how and are not (like I am) afraid to break something in your machine. ( I tried but there was something utterly strange and way above me going on in the DOS console.)

Yes, it’s cheap, it’s almost free so don’t expect the stable experience you’re used to from InWorldz (or SL  for that matter). As I said, you can’t compare OSgrid to grids like InWorldz.

For those of you thinking “Zomg yay she’s gonna leave IW!” Nope :P Let me put it like this: InWorldz is the strong, black, aromatic coffee that I need and can’t live without while OSgrid is more like banana juice –  a bit thick but tasty once in a while.

Oh and before you ask, my sim is private, only a handful of people have access so I can run around naked. Ha.


  1. Mera said:

    Your sim is beautyful! I love OsGrid too just cos I can relax and I dont need to “perform” all the time. I can be myself. Call it “run around nekkid” if you want =) But also that its a service I feel i can afford in the long run. Osgrid also has a wonderful community but you may have to search for it a little longer than inWorldz or in SL :)

    But I get the feeling you feel its necessary to explain why you are in OsGrid and I dont think you should need to do that actually. Its your choise wich grids you have a presence in and no one else should have any opinion about that. #justsaying

    The day someone make me feel uncomfortable for beeing in another grid that the one of their choise, I will unfriend them. Simple as that :)

    • Leanna said:

      You know, you hit the nail on the head. Running around naked is my synonym for not having to perform. Or call it recharging my social batteries. And yes, sometimes I do feel the need to explain and apologise. Some people will give you a hard time when you’re grid hopping, sadly.

      • Mera said:

        Well, they are not worth it you know. Dont try to please them, they wont thank you. Your real friends and people who genuinely love and understand the complexity of the metaverse would never expect that from you…That you would refrain from enjoying other grids.

        They sounds more like hard core religious people that condemn everything they dont believe in themselves and close their eyes for evolvement and the wonders of the real metaverse. They are afraid of competition and fear gridhoppers. They dont understand that the metaverse is not about wich grid is “the winner” or is “best at whatever”. You know that too.

        Sorry me being profound and ranting away in your blog and all, but I have been there and done that and feels strongly about it. :)

        Huggsss xxxxxxxxxx, Mera

  2. I don’t grid hop, I have enough problems keeping up with two but if someone doesn’t like the idea of you enjoying your VW’s the way YOU want to..screw em..that ain’t a real friend.

    the picture looks really nice and hope you share more of them!

  3. grins.. nicely put Mera and Misty :D.. Squishies Lea.. you sure dont have to explain your choices.. btw *squints at the picture* dang I was trying to find you naked.. grins.. just kidding.. oh the sim on a stick thing is not so hard.. the setup was quick :).. though i have not tried the other aspects..

    See you soon :D

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