Party on Midsomer!

We’re going to have a party tomorrow (13 Dec) because we can. And we should. It’s been a while.
The excuse:
It’s Santa Lucia (or Saint Lucy’s Day), a day celebrated mainly in Scandinavia but also in a handful of other countries.
With DJ Lady S on the turntables and starring as Lucia: the fabulous Miso Susanowa!
Noon IW time, hope to see you there!

If you’re interested in the history of Santa Lucia, read on below the picture.
Winter in Midsomer.

Traditionally, there’s a procession of women led by a girl wearing a candle-wreath (seriously) and a long white dress with a red sash around her waist.
According to Christian stories, Lucia lived in the 3rd/4th century in Syracuse. She was supposed to marry a pagan man but herself being Christian she refused and insisted on giving her dowry to the poor. When the bridegroom got wind of it he denounced Lucia as a Christian. She was taken before the magistrate who ordered her to burn a sacrifice in front of the emperor’s image. Since she didn’t have anything left to give away she offered herself but not to the emperor but to her god. She was sentenced to work in a brothel but she refused so ultimately she was sentenced to death but the flames at the stake wouldn’t burn her. I think (but I don’t know for sure) the executioner then cut her throat.

So the candles carried by the women in the Lucia procession symbolise the fire that refused to kill Lucia as well as the light with which she overcame the darkness.
Lucia is the patron saint of the blind. Reasons for this vary. Some say it’s because of her name which is a form of the Latin word for light, lux. Other stories (especially medieval) tell of Lucia’s eyes being gouged out prior to her death while yet others say she tore them out and gave them to her betrothed who admired her eyes.

  1. Mera said:

    This will be fab! Cant wait to see our Lucia <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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