Time for a Coffee?

Midsomer has a cafe again, it’s called “Lilla Cafe Hus” which is Swedish for Little Cafe House.

When I came to Midsomer for the first time there was a cute little cafe but somehow it vanished. I don’t recall why but a few weeks ago I decided we had to have a cafe again. So I took one of Mera’s small cabins and played with it. The good thing is, no matter how much I messed up it still says Mera is the creator. Heh.


The sign for it was painted by ArtWolf Eternal who also has a gallery on Midsomer.

The cafe is open 24/7. Right next to the fireplace is a truthball so bring your friends and have some fun! I plan on adding beanbags or cushions, hopefully in the very near future.



  1. Mera said:

    Its a wonderful place to live ones virtual life <3 And you can only improve the cottage ;)

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