Beautiful Midsomer

Trying to distract myself from a nasty UTI and something else, I worked a bit on Midsomer, did some terraforming and decorated the empty parcels.
Future renters can use the houses or replace them with their own but for now they’re there to give people an idea of the parcel size and what kinds of houses the sim feels good with.
Midsomer is a Scandinavian, light fantasy themed sim, an archipelago in the Magellan Sea. Waters will be sailable once we get physics (we’re close, be a bit more patient it’s worth it *nods*).
We also have a bar that you can use for your parties!
At the moment we have 4 empty parcels, all are 4096sqm and support 2812 prims. The price is 703 I’z per week or 2812 per month, terraforming is allowed and joining parcels is not a problem.

Midsomer rental

Midsomer rental 2

Midsomer rental 3

Midsomer rental 4

Midsomer rental 6

This parcel is a bit bigger, 5776 sqm with 3966 prims, 991 I’z per week. Stunning view over the sim is included and free of charge. ;D

Midsomer rental 5

Contact me inworld if you have questions :) Welcome to Midsomer! \o/

  1. It looks AMAZING!! That last parcel is a show piece.

  2. Mera said:

    Mmmmm wonderful sweet old Midsomer! You have done a great work Lea! Who wouldnt wanna live here? <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx =)

    • Leanna said:

      Thanks to your help! If you hadn’t raised the abyss between the parcels I could never have terraformed them xxx

  3. Anonymous said:

    These are beautiful! You’ve made it so lovely Leanna… and I can see a few of those places I would love living in. Spending more time in SL lately I’m just choking there on the tiny amount of prims we get to work with…. This post is GREAT BAIT! You may lure me to live in Midsomer! And wow.. the prices are sooooooo low! Especially when you remember an I’zzie is about half a Linden. Shooot I’m talking too much… I better rush in there and find one before they’re all gone!! With the UTI thing hope you feel better soon!! Tea… blend Uva Ursi and Usnea, with something soothing and demulcent like Licorice root to coat the irritated membranes (works awesome!)… and honey to taste. It will soothe and wipe out the infection. I worked in an herb shop for years… it works fast! People always came back amazed.. but it’s tea.. it goes right through you and where it needs to be. Try it if you can and *hugs*

    • Leanna said:

      Well, welcome to Midsomer *beams!*
      And yes, I’m drinking “delicious” tea all the time. As much as I hate licorice root (bleurgh) it does help with burning/pain.

  4. And darn that was not supposed to be anonymous.. that was me, Boudica, as if you couldn’t tell. Mwah!

  5. bebe said:

    Oooh it looks so pretty, I would live there myself if I didn’t already have a place. It looks so inviting! Well done!

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